Sharp Needles


LIVEHITOP 48 Blade Stainless Steel Super Sharp Needles – Hand Held Manual Tool for Creating Tender Cuts of Meat

STURDY WELL-MADE KITCHEN TOOL – Tenderize, decrease cooking time, allow marinade to penetrate readily

GOODBYE CHEWY STRINGY RUBBERY MEAT – Super sharp stainless steel blades pierce toughest of meat cuts

SHINY ERGONOMIC HANDLE – Looks great and comfortably fits your hand when pressing down to use

BLADES SAFELY HOUSED IN NEATLY FITTING COVER – Great for storing and keeping your tenderizer sanitary



An excellent gift for yourself, friend or a loved one, this awesome device will deliver succulent and tender mouth-watering treats from even the toughest cuts of meat.

Made from food grade compliant 420 stainless steel needle blades, this sturdy well-made kitchen tool is easy to use.

Simply place the meat on a chopping board and push down to pierce the meat many times over, avoiding bones. This will tenderize your meat, cut down on cooking time and create many pockets for marinades and spices to readily seep in. No more waiting overnight to marinade!

Cleaning up is a breeze, simply use the FREE cleaning brush and carefully clean by hand straight after in warm soapy water.

Measuring 5.9″ by 4.3″ to include the perfectly fitting protective cover, you’ll have peace of mind keeping this super sharp utensil safely stored.

Be prepared to be the envy of your less well-equipped friends! Don’t be surprised if guests ask how you made your meat so tender, or how you prepped in just a few short minutes, or …. why you’re having so much fun!

Suitable for chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, veal, beef etc




















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